Facts OPPOSING Mandatory Helmet Laws

(compiled by ABATE of Delaware, Inc.)
  • Department of Transportation tests helmets by a 6-foot vertical drop impacting at 13.66 mph. Even at those low impacts, 52% of all helmets tested by DOT have failed and only one helmet has passed since 1984. (DOT Helmet Test Reports 1974-1980)
  • Of the top 12 states with the best motorcycle safety records (fatalities per 10,000 registrations), only one has a helmet law. On the other hand, fully half of the worst safety records are helmet law states. (MSF and Motorcycle Industry Council data from 1986)
  • A Kansas Health and Environment report to NHTSA stated "... we have found no evidence that the death rate for motorcycle accidents has increased in Kansas as a result of the repeal of the helmet law. We also have found no such evidence on a national basis."

Label inside new helmet, 1990

"WARNING: No protective head gear can protect the wearer against foreseeable impacts. This helmet is Not designed to provide neck or lower head protection. This helmet exceeds Federal Standard FMVSS218: Even so, death or severe injury may result from impacts at speeds as low as 15 mph while wearing a helmet."

"It is concluded that: 1) motorcycle helmets have no statistically significant effect on probability of fatality, and 2) past a critical impact speed, helmets increase the severity of neck injury." (Dr. Jonathan Goldstein, Bowdoin College)

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