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Just A Little More Bikin'
Tiggy and Her Cabbage Patch Doll in Biker GearFirst of all, for all you bikers out there with kids, this bike is an Ultra Classic with 3 seats. We extended the Tour Pack and added a third seat and footpegs for Tiggy -- added JUST enough room for her to sit comfortably behind the second passenger but not fall out forward -- and of course SHE got the great backrest that way. It is legal in every state we could find.

This is a picture of Tiggy a few years ago with her cabbage patch doll. She dropped the doll off the bike one time, but we found it. Not bad for a doll on the back of a Harley at least 30,000 miles before she outgrew it. She loves our annual treks to Sturgis and has been going every year since 1988. Went again this year and it was great as usual. She is really turning into a beautiful young lady as you will see later on in our album. Her hobbies include playing the oboe, soprano saxaphone, piano and organ, cheerleading, ballet, toe, tap, jazz and modern dance, debate, oral interp, theatre, and really fun things like swimming in our pool, jumping on our trampoline, and sitting in the spa for TOO long. She is also Honored Queen in Jobs Daughters, and was Grand Bethel Librarian in 1996. June of 1996 she won first place in the State Jobs Daughters Oratory Contest for her original piece about the death of a friend. She is the perfect child.

I think God knew I was old when she was born so he gave me an angel. She is so busy that she has given up on her own homepage so Mom does it now including pics of cheerleading, on the beach in Cancun, Sturgis Rally photos and others. Don't miss Tiggy's Stuff.

Mom on the Road Someone sent me this picture of "on the road again," which I have used as the background for my former homepage. Now I'm finding that background all over the net.

Mom and Governor Mickelson This is a picture of the late Governor George Mickelson and Mom during the first Governor's Ride (which he started) at the Sturgis Rally. I worked for Governor Mickelson for 15 years before he was elected, and he was a giant among men. He was tragically killed in a plane crash in April of 1993. South Dakota will never completely recover from the loss.
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