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Get Your Hands Off My Kids!

By Harley Mom

My name is Twyla Voigt Gab. I live in Brookings, SD, am divorced, have four children ages 29, 24, 23 and 14, and am a grandmother. My profession is that of a paralegal. In addition, I own a mobile home park and rental property.

Do I cater to pornography or violence sites on the Net? Of course not. To me they are absolutely disgusting. But because I personally find something offensive does not give me the right to ban it from the rest of the world nor to destroy the First Amendment.

QUERY: Do Clinton, Gore, and Congress REALLY think they can raise my children better than I?

Excuse me, "Ladies and Gentlemen of D.C.," please butt out of my life.

Of course there is pornography and violence on the Net because it is everywhere we look. But is it really any more prevalent than in Washington, D.C.? I think not. When I look at what happens in our Nation's Capitol, I shudder. Not only at their disgusting social behavior, but the mess they have made of this country. And these people think they know more about raising my children than I do? NOT!

We have had laws "forever" protecting the privacy of the mail. And now the government is taking that freedom away. Let's not forget that in 1993 the Clinton Administration advocated installing a special window in telecommunications equipment through which the government alone, ostensibly for law enforcement and national security reasons, could peer into private communications. This includes reading your email and "listening" to your chat conversations. Think about it people, because now it is a reality.

QUERY: Is the media discriminating against the internet community?

For years I have been active in the preservation of the rights of motorcyclists, particularly the discriminatory laws mandating helmets. There is a definite correlation between the action of the government and media toward the biker community and the internet community.

The government chose to single out motorcyclists for its mandated helmet law from a long list of sports including horseback riding, bicycling and sky diving. The federal law was repealed after a three-year battle thanks to a small grass roots effort that did not quit until the job was accomplished.

And why discrimination? Thank the media. Consider the stereotyping of motorcyclists in commercials and motion pictures. How do they compare to the television shows and movies about the internet to date. Similar, you say?

Consider the stereotyping of motorcyclists in the news. The media is quick to report gang wars or criminal acts of a minute percentage of bikers, but when was the last time you saw the media report on a family motorcycling across America. Or a parent spending most of her time at a motorcycle rally fishing with her daughter.

The media is doing the same thing to the internet community. Stories of horror and sex are constantly reported. But have you seen a segment on a child successfully searching the Net to obtain information for a literature essay? Or discussing ballet classes with another child thousands of miles away?

My children and I have toured far-away places, viewed the greatest of art, and met many wonderful people -- all of which would have been impossible without the Internet in our home.

Please help preserve this gigantic avenue around the world.

And now, see what my 14 year old daughter, Harley Mom's Kid has to say about this mess!




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